The Wolverine

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Today, I’m going to talk about the newest movie in the X-Men franchise, The Wolverine. First off, yes, it was much better than Origins. To me, Origins was just okay until I found out what they did to Deadpool, my all time favorite Marvel character. Believe me, we’ll get to that. This was much more enjoyable and clever than that, but like the Man of Steel, I’ll break it down to the good and the bad. There isn’t anything I find all that offensive in this one, so I’ll skip the ugly. Unlike Man of Steel, though, I’ll warn you that there are spoilers ahead. This movie has a pretty decent plot twist, so if you haven’t seen it, you may want to stop reading.

The Good: This movie is mostly about Wolvie coming to terms with his immortality and the events in X-Men Last Stand. In the beginning, he’s a recluse living in the wilderness. He frequently has nightmares/telepathic conversations from beyond the grave with Jean Grey, his former lover who has died in the comics so many time that it’s become a running gag. It’s unclear whether he’s just imagining her or if she’s a ghost so I’ll just call her the Grey Ghost. If you got that reference, congratulations, you have great taste in cartoons. This fits the character really well and makes for a great arc unlike that other movie where he was just after revenge. He meets up with Yukio, a ninja who works for a man named Yashida that Wolvie has saved in his past. Yukio is my favorite character next to Wolvie because she kicks just as much butt as he does. She even gets to defeat the main villain, Viper, in a somewhat short but enjoyable fight. She’s likable, funny, and at points outshines Wolvie. I was rooting more for those two to get together than Wolvie and Mariko,, Yahida’s grand daughter. Heck, I wouldn’t mind it if she got her own spin off movie. It would certainly be better than Elektra. The actors also play off of each other really well, and share some of the funnier scenes. My exchange is when Wolvie throws Noburo off a balcony. She looks over and sees that he landed in a pool. She asks Wolvie how he knew there about the pool. He leaves, saying that he didn’t know. But, the funniest scene has to go to Wolvie and Mariko when they’re on the run and have to hole up in a lover’s motel. While on the subject of Mariko, Wolvie’s love interest, she isn’t as dynamic as Yukio, but she still has a few things going for her. She reminded me a bit of Vicki Vale in Tim Burton’s Batman. She constantly needs to be rescued, but is likable enough that we don’t mind it. She’s sweet and the type of person that could help Wolvie find a reason to live again. Their romance is fairly believable. One final note, the end credit scene was awesome. When Patrick Stewart showed up as Professor X, half of the audience cheered or let out a fanboy/girl squeal. It got me pumped for the next movie, Days of Future Past.

The Bad: I don’t know much about the comic it’s based on, so I won’t be comparing the movie to it. Most of what I knew about the Silver Samurai is what I saw in the cartoons. I didn’t really like the design for him though. Traditional Samurai armor would’ve been much better looking and much cooler to watch Wolvie fight. Also, Yashida as the Silver Samurai was a little predictable. I did appreciate the foreshadowing though. In the movie, Yukio is a mutant that can predict people’s deaths, but in a throwaway line, she says didn’t see Yashida’s coming. There are two mutants in this movie that aren’t mutants in the comic, Yukio, who’s ability I just mentioned, and the Viper, who spits poison and behaves like a snake. I actually like the Viper as a mutant. Her powers were pretty cool. Her motivations, on the other hand, are confusing. Why does she work for Yashida?  What’s in it for her? I also don’t quite understand how she stopped Wolvie’s healing ability or if she even stopped it, because he was still able to take five bullets and keep on running. She uses one of Yashida’s spider/virus robot thingies, but how exactly did it get to his heart. He was dreaming, first of kissing the Grey Ghost, then he was kissing her, then it looked like she threw up in his mouth. While we’re talking about the Grey Ghost, why did she show up so much? I understand that he misses her and feels guilty over her death, but she began to over stay her welcome. While were talking about love interests, Mariko’s fighting skills were very inconsistent. They only need to grab her by the arm for her to go with them in one scene. Then she’s fighting them off and killing the Silver Samurai in the next. Make up your mind woman!  Harada was also confusing. One minute, he’s protecting Mariko, the next, he’s kidnapping her, then he sacrafices his life for Wolvie. On another note, why get rid of the adamantium claws? What was the point of it other than to shock the viewer? My final issue is the huge continuity hiccup. How could Wolvie remember back to Nagasaki even though even though he was shot with the magic memory eraser bullets? We saw in the first movie that he’d occasionally have flashbacks in the form of nightmares, but they were bits and pieces, not complete scenes. Hopefully in the next movie, they’ll fix the numerous hiccups throughout the series.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I wasn’t all that offended by the issues I mentioned. It’s a fun, exciting action flick, and the Wolverine movie we deserve. It’s worth a watch and I can’t wait for Days of Future Past. I’d watch it for the third time just for Yukio. She’s my favorite character in this movie and my second favorite female ninja, my favorite being Karai from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but that she a story for another time.


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