Batman ’66 #2

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Holy retro style comic, Batman! I love the 1966 Batman TV show. I’ll be the first to say that Kevin Conroy is my favorite Batman, but when I think of the live action Batmen, the first one that comes to mind is Adam West. Heck, the theme song to the show is my ring tone. Sure, it was campy, silly, and nonsensical, but it was so much fun.

You forgot to mention how it ruined  the image of superheroes, ingraining into the public consciousness that all superheroes are goofballs.

Fair enough, but the the goofiness was contagious. You couldn’t help but laugh at the corny lines, the POWS, BANGS and BOFFS, and the wild schemes of the villain of the week. My point is, when I found out that they were writing a comic based on the old TV show, I couldn’t wait to read it. My local comic shop had sold out of the first issue, so I got the second. Luckily, these stories are all stand alone tales, so I didn’t need to read the first to understand what was happening in the second. This issue contains two wild vignettes.

The main story is Sub-Zero For Our Heroes. It is glorious. The Penguin and Mr. Freeze team up to start their own country on an iceberg.

Holy totalitarian regime, Batman!

Exactly Robin. Since what they were doing is completely legal, when Batman attacks them, they take Batman as a political prisoner. It’s up to the Boy Wonder to save the day and Batman. I don’t want to spoil this because it is such a fun and zany read, so I’ll end the first story recap here.

The second story is Chandell’s Chanteuse. It’s a bit of a fan service story, but in all the right ways. First off, we have an appearance of Kathy Kane. Kathy Kane is the original Batwoman and old love interest of Batman. My biggest disappointment was that she was only in costume for two panels.  We also have Chandell, an ex villain piano player who I vaguely remember being on the show and the Siren, a woman who’s melodic voice drives men to do her bidding.  Bruce and Kathy are on a date to see the reformed Chandell and the Siren perform. The Siren decides to rob the place, and when Batman intervenes, she sings a song that creates hallucinations.

Holy murderous melodies Batman!

That’s right, Robin. The hallucinations are quite awesome. For example, in one, Batman rides a shark to get at the Siren.

Holy Bat-Shark repellent, Batman!


What, Batman?

You can stop with the the “Holy (insert random statement).” I’m pretty sure the reader gets it.

Gosh, Batman, if you say so.

*sigh*  Anyway, overall, I really liked it. They do a pretty good job of capturing the likenesses of the original cast. The two stories were drawn with different artist and in my opinion, I liked the art in the second story better, even if it over used the color red. I liked it better because it looked a little more like a comic out of the silver age than the other. That isn’t to say that the art in the first story wasn’t good, quite the contrary. The art in both stories is great. This series is off to a really good start.

Holy fun comic Batman!

Textbox, what did I tell you?

I just couldn’t resist. Besides, you started it.

And I’m finishing it. The review is over, so shut your trap.

Holy hurt feelings Batman! *sniff*

Yeah, yeah. Will you shut up if I let you pick the next thing for me to review?

Golly gee willigers, that’s real swell of you.

Yeah, I’m an angel, so what do you have in store?

How about Frank Miller’s The Spirit?


How will Kirin deal with this one? Tune in next post to find out. Same Bat-blog, Same Bat-Website!


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