A Letter Of Congratulations for DC

Dear DC,

Congratulations! You’ve been in the lime light for a full week. Everyone’s talking about you. While many are angry at you for what you’ve done in the past week, I believe it’s pure genius.

No superhero, especially Batwoman, should get married. Ever. No one wants to see their heroes move forward and, heaven forbid, be happy! Marriage is the end of any great story.  Joe Quesada was right. His and J. Michael Straczynski’s masterpiece One More Day proved that to us that marriage is stupid. What does a three times Eisner Award winner know about marriages in comics anyway? Sure you’ve alienated readers, but who needs those losers anyway? They only give you the money that keeps your company afloat.

Now let’s talk about the Naked Harley Quinn Suicide contest. Many would wonder what kind of sicko would think this was a good idea for a contest, but they just don’t understand it. I think that you want to show her at her most vulnerable and in a way that isn’t at all exploitative. It isn’t misogynist to sexualize a woman taking her own life when she’s drawn cartoonishly.  The fact that it’s cartoonish makes it all the more brilliant. Because we all need to laugh at tragedies that have affected millions of people. No, a message of hope would not do for those reading comics. Who would want to look to an ex-abused, mentally ill woman trying to move on with her life for hope? And the fact that everyone thought that it was a good idea without thinking how it could be taken the wrong way takes a special brand of genius.

While we’re talking about Miss Quinn, I’d like to say that the promo issue is just so full of Harley’s charm. Here is the link: http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/4471728.html. The fact that it was published on 9/11 makes it even classier. Harley is no longer a charming bimbo tragically caught in an abusive relationship. Now she’s a complex anti-hero who committed the mass murder of children through explosive game boys. It’s so much easier to sympathize with her now that she’s committed an act of terrorism. And this is in a book intended to be fun and silly. Because when you think hilarity and fun, you think terrorism. Thanks for staying as classy as you’ve always been.

Forever your’s,

The Unicorn Comic


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