Thor 2: The Dark World

Hello, I’m a unicorn. *Sigh* Chris Hemsworth…

Hey, you might want to wipe that drool off your chin.

What? Oh-heh…heh…I mean– Thor 2.  I really enjoyed this movie because–

You have a crush on Chris Hemsworth.

What? No, I–

Admit it, you have a crush on him. Kirin’s got a boyfriend!  Kirin’s got a boyfriend!

Well, at least I don’t have an unhealthy obsession with Bea Arthur!

You take that back. Bea Arthur was an amazing woman!

I’m not disputing that. I’m just pointing out that didn’t search for the Golden Girls on Google images without safe search.

Don’t you have a review to do?

Right, sorry. Thor 2 was a really enjoyable movie, but every movie has its flaws, so I’m going to break it down to what I liked and didn’t like, while trying not to spoil it.

The Good:

Other than Chris Hemsworth?

Shut up. Anyway, unlike *ahem* some  superhero movies that came out this summer, this movie was a lot of fun *cough* Man of Steel *cough*. There were plenty of good jokes, especially from Loki (no shock there) and the set pieces were really cool. Asgard was gorgeous and the Dark World really interesting to look at. The designs for the dark elf Stormtroopers themselves were very creepy. I especially liked the climactic fight between Thor and Malekith where they were jumping in portals between worlds. The pseudoscience behind it might be a little shaky, but what do you expect from a movie with a god-like entity that wields a hammer forged from a dying sun? The film added depth to Thor’s character, showing him to be an intelligent competent leader, as opposed to the brash frat boy in the first film. I do like that they subverted Loki’s inevitable betrayal of  Thor. I’m not going into how that plot point was subverted because it plays into a pretty huge triple plot twist. I don’t usually comment on cinematography, but I would like to point out that the film makers were wise enough not to overuse shaky cam. Since I saw the movie two weeks ago, I had to ask my mom and sister if they remembered any instances of shaky camera syndrome. They both said that they didn’t remember any shaky cam, so it was either barely noticeable or practically nonexistent, unlike other superhero movies that came out this year. Looking at you Zack Snyder.

Verily I say unto thee, thou art making many insults towards Man Of Steel in thy post.

You’re right. Maybe I should change the subject.

The Bad: Malekith was very under developed. Unlike Loki in the first Thor movie, I was able to understand Malekith’s motivations, but he just didn’t feel very fleshed out. Malekith was just another blank slated villain bent on destruction. Loki was a far more interesting antagonist. He steals every scene (again, no big shock there). Speaking of scene stealers, Darcy, Jane Foster’s assistant, had a tendency to get on my nerves. She is less annoying than she was in the first Thor movie, but the audience’s patience for her attempt at comedy wears thin after a while. The other comic relief characters were fine, but they tended to melt into the background. Unfortunately, Thor, Jane, and the Warriors Three were sometimes swallowed up by the large cast.  Besides being infected by the maguffin, Jane wasn’t given much to do except techno-babble and make goo goo eyes at Thor. Lady Sif and the Warriors Three weren’t given a huge part. That was slightly disappointing because there was an implied love triangle between Thor, Sif, and Jane, but most of it was obviously cut out. On the other hand, this is probably for the best, because I really don’t want to see a competent warrior and a competent scientist get catty over a guy, even if that guy is Thor. I just wish that they were given more to do than the meager scenes they were in. One final note: Odin is a bad parent. That is all.

Overall, this movie is a worthy sequel to the Thor franchise and a perfectly tides you over until the next Avengers movie. It was larger in scope, and the stakes are much higher than the first movie. In fact, I liked this movie the most out of all the superhero movies that came out this year. This is definitely worth a watch for fans and non-fans of the God of  Thunder alike. So, what are you waiting for get thee hence creature and watch it now. Also, next month is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Month, where I look at the various incarnations of my favorite ninja team.


Excuse me?

Thou must revieweth one more current film before thou mayest discuss these talking Turtles thou loves so much.

Really? And what would that be?

Catching Fire.

Okay, no need to get your metaphorical panties in a twist. I’ll review it.

But–but dost thou not loathe it?

No. I like the first two books. I just hated the third one.

*sigh* You’re no fun, you know that?

Yes, yes I do. Hunger Games: Catching Fire next post everybody!


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