“Where is it?” Kirin asked as she made her way down the stairs and to the basement. She felt for the light switch at the end of the staircase, and illuminated the small storage space.

“To the right of the fuse box. Pick up that demon thingy and toss it at the wall,”  Textbox instructed.

“You mean the clown doll?” Kirin rolled her eyes.

“Yes, throw that demon doll at the wall!” Kirin sighed and threw the clown. It disappeared. Her jaw dropped and she walked to the spot where it vanished.

“By Odin’s beard and Hera’s nosehairs,” she muttered as she examined the wall. She tapped the area where the clown disappeared. Her finger went through the wall. “Holy cussbuckets!” she exclaimed as she pulled it out, then said, “Okay, yeah, let’s call them.” Turning out the lights and heading upstairs, she grabbed the communication device off of the kitchen counter and sent a short message to Lilly and Eli.

“So, now what?” Textbox asked.

“I’ll wait for them to reply, and in the meantime…”

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Yes, I know this movie has been has been out for over a month, but I didn’t actually get to catch it until Christmas. So, while we’re in the January new movie rut, let’s look at Frozen.

The plot follows two princesses of the Kingdom of Arrendel, Elsa, played by the first Elphaba herself, Idina Menzel, and Anna, played by Kristen Bell. Elsa has the power to control ice, but is afraid to use it after accidentally hurting Anna when they were little. After the death of her parents, she becomes queen (a Disney Queen that isn’t evil? that must be a first) but loses control of her powers on her coronation day. She accidentally plunges the kingdom into eternal Winter, and it is up to Anna, an ice salesman named Kristoff, his reindeer, Sven, and a snowman who wants to experience Summer named Olaf to find a way to bring Summer back to the kingdom.

The Good: Nearly everything is great about this movie. The plot is creative, the animation beautiful, the gags funny, the music excellent, and the characters are all likable. At first, I was afraid that I’d find the sidekicks annoying, especially the snowman, but he was was actually a lot of fun and had some pretty touching moments with the other characters. He’s sort of like Michelangelo in the new TMNT show; I should find him annoying, but he is just so innocent and charming that I let his dumb moments slide. This is also one of the few movies I highly recommend seeing in 3-D, mainly because the snow animation makes everything seem so much deeper. I also like their spin on the true love breaks the curse formula. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that you should stay for the funny legal disclaimer and the after credit bonus.

The Meh: They don’t explain enough of the world. We don’t know how Elsa came to be born with ice powers, we don’t know where the trolls came from, and how they know magic if no one else knows it exists. Kristoff’s back story isn’t explained very well other than that he was possibly an orphan raised by trolls. The script also has dialogue that, at points, is more awkward than Andrew Garfield’s stuttering in The Amazing Spider-man. These bits are mercifully brief, but is still jarring.

Overall, this movie is highly recommended. The music is so good that I won’t be surprised if the movie is adapted to Broadway, the characters are fun and charming, and the animation is amazing. This is truly a film that nearly anyone, young, old or cynical teenagers, can enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now.

“So–uh–Textbox, I was wondering, how did you know about the wall?” Kirin asked as she checked the communication device for the twentieth time that hour. There still wasn’t a reply. She sat down in the rocking chair.

Well…uh…I just remembered, I need to go wash my Furbies,”  he replied nervously.

“Texbox! Get back here!” Kirin yelled. She stood up. “I’m getting tired of you being so secretive. What’s up with the wall?”

It’s how I got here,” he said after a moment. “I think it’s some kind of hole between dimensions.” Kirin nodded thoughtfully.

“And you’re bringing it up now because…?” As soon as she asked, Kirin had a feeling she’d regret it.

It’s getting bigger.”



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2 responses to “Frozen

  1. Becs04

    couldn’t disagree more lil sis! I hated Frozen. The lack of explanation for the plot and superficial characters left me out in the cold (pun intended)! While I agree the music was great, it really just had let it go to showcase Idina Menzel. Give me an animated Wicked or Son of a Witch any day! Lastly, I’m distraught that they (Disney fiends) are turning Maelstrom in Epic into a Frozen-themed ride. ugh. Lord help us all!

  2. It is definitely flawed, and I’m getting kind of sick of it. I enjoyed it for what it was back then, but now I mostly just enjoy the music. You’re right though, we NEED a Wicked movie. C’mon Disney, it is so much better than the plot of Frozen, Also, which ride was Maelstrom again? It’s been a while.

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