Batman ’66 #8

The vempine screamed as the flesh around the arrow blistered and burned, just as Eli suspected they would. In his time on Earth, he’d noticed that the scouts sent by his would has a weakness to certain metals, metals often found in human weapons. Another arrow flew from Kirin’s bow and reached its target. The vempine fell to the ground in agony.

“Ugly little gremlins, aren’t they?” Kirin observed as she nocked another arrow and let it fly. Another leach-like creature down, seventeen or so to go. The vempines turned towards her and began to advance. “Uh-oh…” she muttered as they ran towards her. She let loose another three arrows, two hitting their mark, before she had to drop her bow and draw her sword. She swung at the surrounding alien creatures, but they didn’t seem all that intimidated by weapon. “Um…A little help here?”

“Working on it,” Lilly replied as she messed with her plasma gun. Eli distracted a few of the lamprey-like aliens by shooting five in the back. The enraged creatures charged him. He glanced over at the teen and saw her drop her sword. She was staring intently in the eyes on one of the vempines. He shot the offending alien, breaking the trance.

“Don’t look them in the eyes, they have the ability to hypnotize their prey,” he yelled as he shot another creature.

“You could have warned me sooner,” Kirin yelled back as she stabbed one of the vempines with an arrow. Lilly threw her gun at Kirin’s feet.

“Kirin, you have thirty seconds to get out of the way before it blows,” she warned. Kirin grabbed her sword and bow and leaped over the creatures. She made her way to them just as the gun exploded, taking out ten of the creatures permanently. The three made quick work of the last five and while they walked home, Kirin explained what little she knew about the portal. As soon as the got there, Lilly said, “If you don’t mind, we’ll examine the portal on our own.”

“Fine by me,” Kirin replied. “I’ll be on the computer if you need me.”

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Way back in August, I took a look at the second issue of Batman ’66. Well, I’ve finally gotten around to reviewing another issue. Yes, I do have the issues before #8, and I may get around to talking about those, I just chose this issue because, as of this review, it’s still on the shelves.

Holy sequels Batman!

You’re not starting this again, are you?

Holy yes I totally am and there’s nothing you can do about it, Batman!

Great. Anyway, like all the other issues, there are two stories per issue. The first one is “King Tut Barges In”. The vile Tut has a plan to become the king of Gotham by…um…trading with ancient pharaohs via time travel through a sarcophagus?

Holy time machine, Batman!

Yeah, this is a weird one, but it’s a lot of fun, for obvious reasons. It’s stupid, but it’s trying to be stupid. My biggest issue–

Holy accidental pun Batman!

Oh, shut up. Anyway, my biggest problem is that the story is a bit anticlimactic. They build up the fact that a goon drank a potion that allows him to be bulletproof, but it goes nowhere. Aside from that, it’s a fun read. The second story is “Showdown with Shame”. I though this story was funnier than the first. I especially loved the banter between the extremely intelligent goon and the villain’s designated lady goon. Shame, a man who loves the romanticism of the Old West–

Holy cowboy wannabe, Batman!

*sigh* plots to rob the last working steam engine train. The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder, naturally, are there to thwart this dastardly plan. I really like the watercolor style of the art, but it sometimes makes the faces look strange and splotchy.


Textbox, I swear, if you say, “holy facial rash, Batman”, I’ll–

Holy wrong assumption, Batman! I was actually going to say “holy…uhh…holy watercolor Batman!”

Right, sure you were, and I’m King Tut. Anyway, this issue was a ton of fun to read, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the original TV show. Each issue is an individual and self contained story, so you can start from anywhere. My one problem would be with the artwork. While the artists do a decent job of getting the likenesses of the original cast, I’m still waiting for it to be drawn in the art style of the Silver Age, where the original Batman show has its roots.

Holy missed opportunity Batman!

Exactly, but aside from that, it’s worth a read. So what are you waiting for? Read it now.


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