Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Sorry I haven’t been able to be consistent about my posts, but Inter-dimensional hopping tends to make you lose track of time, (plus I have lots of homework). But, for now I’m back, and you know who else is back? Captain America! Three years after his first movie, and two years after The Avengers, he’s back, baby. After the attack on New York, Cap is living a relatively quiet life in Washington DC, and is now working SHIELD’s special operations, but when an attempt is made on Nick Fury’s life by someone from Cap’s past, it is up to him, Black Widow, and an ex soldier named Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, to uncover the truth behind SHIELD’s less than savory operations. Intrigued?

Maybe. Will Captain America and Black Widow ride unicorns through a field of chimichangas?

What? Um… no. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen.

Then I want nothing to do with it.

Fine. Then I guess I’ll just break it down to the good and the bad without you.

The Good: This movie pretty much lives up to the standard that Marvel has established with its movies. It has great humor, great acting, and great action. I really loved the brother and sister dynamic between Black Widow and Cap. Their pairing was perfect, with Cap being your standard good guy, and Widow being the one trying to break him out of his 1940’s sensibilities. They complemented each other really well. Falcon and Cap shared the camaraderie of two ex-soldiers trying to adjust to a new life and find a place in the world. The plot had a lot of really intriguing themes, such as freedom versus security and how far the government should go to make the world safe. The first half of the movie was relatively gritty and realistic, without being depressing, but unfortunately…

The Bad: The second half got really silly. How silly? How about uploading someone’s mind to a computer during the seventies aka back when Internet and fast processing were the ideas of dreamers? Yeah, that was pretty silly. As the climax of the film came to a crescendo, things got more and more insane, ending with three helicarriers crashing into the Potomac river, which is still near a very heavily populated area of DC. Oops. Another silly moment would have to be when every SHIELD agent believes Cap when he tries to warn them about traitors even though they’ve been hunting him for the past hour of the movie. This, I can excuse though, because when Captain-freaking-America tells you to do something, you’d do it, because he is just that awesome. Also, let’s talk about shakycam. I think that by now you know that shakycam is one of my least favorite styles of cinematography when done poorly. Here, shakycam was overused and not done well. In the interest of fairness, I will say that it improves later on, but in the first action scene, I could barely tell what was happening, the camera was moving so much. This is especially noticeable in the hand to hand combat scenes, where I had no idea what was happening. Like I said though, it does get better. My final issue is that the Winter Soldier, for being the title character, doesn’t play a huge role in the plot, and I feel that this is a missed opportunity. The character could have created a powerful dilemma and drama for Cap, and while its mentioned in passing, the character doesn’t pack the literal and metaphorical punch he should have.

Overall, this is is a great movie and definitely worth a watch. The acting is great, the action sequences were cool, and there were some genuinely funny moments. This is definitely one of the better entries of the Marvel movie universe. Wouldn’t you agree Textbox?

I’m just waiting for a Deadpool movie.

Well, there’s always X-Men Origins: Wolver–

I told you never to speak of it!

Oooh, I am so maybe going to review that. Anyway, what are you waiting for? Watch The Winter Soldier now!


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