The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Boy, am I behind on movies.

Gee, I wonder why…

Oh, be quiet. Beware of month old spoilers, and without any further adieu, let’s jump into the good and the bad in the Amazing Spider-man 2.

The Good: The chemistry between Peter and Gwen is fantastic. They were adorable together, and this is coming from a Peter/MJ shipper. The two really clicked as a couple, and I really liked Gwen as a character. She’s so much better than the MJ in the original trilogy. She’s intelligent, actually participates in defeating the villains, and is just plain adorable. It was one of the few times I didn’t mind the romance in an action film. Their chemistry and her personality made me sad about the ending, which I knew about before I saw it. I do admire the director’s courage for killing her off, but at the same time, I was sad to see her go. Andrew Garfield did a fantastic job as the cocky Peter Parker, and I loved Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro. Foxx was especially great because I actually felt sorry for the guy, and was rooting for him a little. Dane DeHaan was great as the screwed up and dying Harry Osborne. I could see where he was coming from during his somewhat quick descent into madness. I also loved the action sequences. The use of slow motion to show Peter’s thought processes and problem solving was fantastic. The battles between Electro and Spider-man were some of my favorite scenes.

The Bad: There are too many villains and plot threads going on at the same time. We have Peter and Gwen’s relationship trouble and Gwen going to Oxford, Peter seeing the ghost of Captain Stacy and feeling guilty about his relationship with Gwen, Peter trying to discover the truth behind Oscorp and the death of his parents, Harry dying and needing Spider-man’s blood and growing to hate Spider-man, Aunt May’s money troubles, Electro being created and wanting revenge on Spider-man, Felicia Harding being introduced, a little kid being inspired by Spider-man, a plane about to crash during the climax, and members of Oscorp wanting to create the Sinister Six to get revenge on Spider-man. Yeah, this movie had about a billion plot threads to juggle, meaning that many aspects of it don’t make sense. Max Dillon’s descent into villainy is very sudden and there isn’t much of a logical progression from awkward nerd with an unhealthy love of Spider-man to supervillain. I guess one can assume that the accident warped the already bonkers guy into a villain.

Remember socially awkward kids, one electrocution and suddenly you’ll hate Spider-man.

Or you can just read One More Day. Zing! Harry’s hatred of the Web Slinger makes a bit more sense, because Peter is reluctant to give up the blood that can cure his illness. That being said, why doesn’t Peter want to give his blood to Harry? He says that Harry’s body might reject it, but what if it doesn’t? Harry is supposedly his best friend, which means he should do anything in his power to save him, and he could quite possibly have the cure literally inside of him, but he doesn’t. Why? It makes no sense. Also, the Rhino and Felicia certainly existed, didn’t they? They didn’t do much, they simply existed. Okay, so the Rhino is what inspires Peter to take up the spandex and mask again, but other that that, what was the point? We don’t even see him fight in the suit.

Overall, I enjoyed it for what it was. Sure the plot was as thick as pea soup, but it held my interest. The chemistry between the leads and characters was great and the actions sequences were fantastic. It has flaws, but still worth a watch for any Spider-man fan. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now.



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2 responses to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  1. I don’t know… the first one was VERY bad. Do you think I’ll like it? Is it a big step up??

    • No, not really. If you didn’t like the first one, you probably won’t like this one. I’d enjoyed the first when i saw it, so I liked the second. I will say that the first is better, but not by much. I’d recommend that you skip it. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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