X-Men Days of Future Past

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Well, here it is, nearly a month late. So, before I get into the review, I’ll tell you that at the time I saw it, I hadn’t read the original comic story line, so I won’t be comparing the two. I’m judging the movie on its own merits. And my overall opinion of it? I really liked it, but will once again separate it into the good and bad.

The Good: The acting is great, as can be expected from Katniss Everdeen, Picard, Gandalf, Tyrion Lannister, and Jean Valjean. I loved young Professor X’s character arc. The scene where he talks to his future self is just beautiful and so full of hope, especially since the future is so bleak. The interactions of young Magneto, Mystique, and Charles were so good, I didn’t mind that Wolverine had to sit out of the climax. Quicksilver was awesome as a breakout character. Every second he was on screen was hilarious. I just wish he was in there more. They made an allusion to Magneto being his dad, and I wish they’d expanded on that. For what I got of him though, it was awesome. I loved the parallel battles in the past and future, it was just very well done. They set out to tell a powerful and dramatic story, and it worked, but also did something harder. They managed to make it easy for people who are new to the series to understand what was happening. For example, my mom hadn’t seen the first three movies, but still could follow the plot easily.

The Bad: Young Magneto is an idiot, and I still don’t understand why he was even there. Wolverine, Erik, Beast, and Charles succeed in stopping Mystique from killing an important figure, which is the trigger for bad future. Crisis over right? Nope, because, like an idiot, Erik tries to kill Mystique, inadvertently revealing Mutants to the world and giving the villains a sample of her blood. This was exactly what the team was trying to prevent in the first place. Then, he threatens the president’s life and shows him that Mutants are capable of an insane amount of destruction. He proves to the world that mutants are a threat and gives the government all the more reason to build the Sentinels. What an idiot.

Overall, this movie is definitely worth a watch. It’s action packed, dramatic, and well acted.  The future parts are very well done and the story is epic in scope. While young Magneto is a complete fool, it’s still a fun and easy to follow ride. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now.


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