Edge of Tomorrow

Hello, I’m a unicorn. So, this Father’s day, I went out to see Edge of Tomorrow with my Dad. I was initially not interested because of how horribly this was marketed, but I’m glad I went. As usual, I’ll separate it into the good and the bad.

The good: I loved the female lead, Sergeant Rita. She was intelligent, witty, no-nonsense, and, with one minor indiscretion, acted like a real soldier.  She could kick behind and take names, and it was not treated like she was special just for being a woman. She was a just a respected soldier. She and Tom Cruise have excellent chemistry, but I also admire that the kept the romance on the down-low. The two characters are just very well written , and the concept is very interesting. A soldier suddenly is able to travel back to a certain point in time, but can only do it by dying? Awesome! It took a neat concept and executed it very well. That being said…

The bad: While the acting, the concept, and the action is great, it still is Groundhog’s Day with aliens. There are certain aspects that are a bit too silly to stomach, like the fact that people can gain the ability to time travel using the blood of  special aliens and only by dying. What kind of creature would evolve to have that ability? It’s a strangely specific skill.

Yeah, why can’t he be like me and just rewind the movie every time something goes wrong?

Well, we can’t all have magical fourth wall powers, now can we? And why don’t you use those powers more often anyway?

Because writers forgot I have that ability.

Right. Anyway, another major issue would be the representation of the military. There were many minor indiscretions that really add up, such as soldiers not being clean shaven, especially if they were supposed to be veterans on the eve of an invasion. There was also a very overweight guy who operated a mech suit completely naked. His weight and the fact that he goes in unprotected just wouldn’t fly in real life. The way they got Tom Cruise’s character onto the base is also highly illegal. He’d refused to go into battle and tried to blackmail a senior officer. That’s enough to get a court martial, but they would not have been allowed to knock him out with a taser and force him to fight anyway. His senior officer was also an idiot. A real soldier in his position would have listened to what the leads had to say, especially when it came to an enemy they knew nothing about. The final offense happens at the very end. When Tom Cruise’s character goes to see Rita in the final scene she asks him “What do you want?”  At this point, she is back to not knowing him, and he has not been stripped of his rank. While she’s been established to be very blunt–no pun intended–she still would treat a senior officer with a lot respect when she spoke to him.

Even with these issues though, it still is a pretty good movie. It has great action, an awesome female lead, and a cool concept done very well. I would like to thank my dad for pointing out all the errors they made with their treatment of the military. Love you! And what are you waiting for? Watch it now!

Hey Kirin, do you know what time it is?

Oh, no.

That’s right! It’s time for you to review Marked!



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