Mockingjay Part One (Quick and Spoiler Free)

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Last year, I said that I was considering skipping the third installment in the Hunger Games series. Judging by the title of this review, it’s pretty obvious that I hadn’t, and I am so glad I saw it. This movie is fantastic, even surpassing the wonderful Catching Fire.

The movie takes place soon after the events of the second movie, with Katniss in Distract 13, dealing with the fallout of her home being destroyed and the capture of Peeta. The president of the district asks her to be the face of the revolution, and she agrees on the condition that all the captured tributes from the last movie are rescued and pardoned. Throughout the film, they try to figure out how she can best inspire the districts to keep fighting,

On paper, this movie sounds pretty boring, especially since there were only about two or three actions sequences but it’s really not. Jennifer Lawrence, as usual, is amazing in her role as Katniss. She’s incredibly believable and I was with her in every scene. This, combined with other great actors such as the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Josh Hutcherson,  and Donald Sutherland, makes the gritty drama just as compelling as the action sequences. The movie is two hours long, and I didn’t even notice. Mockingjay is one of those few movies that I feel was justified being split into two parts, because, unlike some movies *cough* Twilight Breaking Dawn *cough* there was enough plot and talent that it stayed interesting.To describe this movie in one word, it would be “gritty”. This movie is mainly about the horrors of war (you know, for kids) and propaganda. I, once again, have to give props to the director, Francis Lawrence. The scene where Katniss walks alone and silent through the ruins of her home was just chilling and made me feel legitimately uncomfortable.

One of the major themes of the movie was marketing and propaganda. They were trying to sell an icon to the rebels in order to rally them. One touch that I liked was using the same logos and slogans that was used in the commercials for the movie. I just thought it was a little amusing, and the irony was not lost on me that a movie relying heavily on marketing was heavily marketed.

Overall though, this movie was fantastic. while not as action packed as the others, the drama and acting still kept me from getting bored. Some people might be put off by the lack of action, but I wasn’t bothered by it. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now!



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2 responses to “Mockingjay Part One (Quick and Spoiler Free)

  1. I’ve never seen a Hunger Games movie, but you make a persuasive argument.

    • These movies are really good, even to people like me who were just lukewarm on the book. I didn’t like the third book, but the movie made me see it differently. Though you should probably check out the first two movies first. They are also very well acted and interesting, but there is a lot backstory explained in the first two that are needed for this one to make sense. I recommend all three movies.

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