They’re Back

We interrupt this review blog for a public fangirl announcement. Be afraid.

Thanks Textbox. Hello, I am a unicorn and I let the celebrations begin!!!!!!

kid dancinggiphy


You learned how to use gifs?

Yes, but that’s not why I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating because Nickelodeon did it! They finally did it! They’ll start showing Ninja Turtles 2003 on television again!


So!? SO!? That is great news! My favorite iteration of Ninja Turtles is finally getting some love again. I, time and again, have praised this show to high heaven and it’s finally back! This is the version I grew up on. I started watching it because it was cool. As I got older, I found that it still held up. It has some great animation, great story lines and great action. Sure, the jokes are hit and miss and the voice acting can be a bit spotty, but the show was awesome. And, after years of it seemingly swept under the rug, Nickelodeon is finally acknowledging its existence.  I mean, seriously? The show that shall not be named–

Next Mutation?

Yes, that one.  One of the worst versions of the Ninja Turtles got a wide DVD release while the show that has actual fans was pretty much ignored. Fans had to either fork over a few hundred dollars to complete their collection or use some less than savory method of watching this criminally underrated show. So, yes, more please, Nickelodeon. Please show more than just the first two seasons. Maybe you can even do a sequel to Turtles Forever. Wouldn’t that be awesome? But, in order to do that, the Turtles 2003 needs viewers, so dear readers of this little blog, I haven’t asked much of you before, but I’m asking you this now. Tune into the Nicktoons channel at eight o’clock on Monday the 22nd and every day afterwards or at least record it on your DVR. If you are a cartoon aficionado, you’ll probably like it. It has great animation, fight scenes and a huge mythos. If you are familiar with the Mirage comics, you’ll probably really like it. Most of the episodes are faithful adaptions of the original comics. If your only exposure is the eighties cartoon and the movies, expect it to be more like the movie, only darker. It will be jarring at first, but if you give it a chance, you might find that you like it. The show is definitely flawed, with some awkward, cheesy dialogue and  lame jokes, but when it’s at its best, Ninja Turtles 2003 is amazing. If this is successful, they might end up showing the later seasons, and, let me tell you if you thought the first two was epic  just wait. Seasons three and four had some of the biggest story lines and character arcs of the entire show. Many of my favorite episodes are in these seasons. And don’t even get me started on season five. That was just huge.

So, what are you waiting for, dear reader? Check which channel is showing Nicktoons on your TV and tune in on Monday at eight o’clock to see this fantastic show. You won’t be disappointed.

And now back to your regularly scheduled review blog.

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  1. You make a convincing case; I just might. :]

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