Mutanimals #1

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663947_b8fb86fb7c38d5240735d9ee070ed73a86d900a5by Paul Allor & Andy Kuhn

I love the IDW incarnation of the Ninja Turtles and its talent for blending every incarnation of the concept. It acts as sort of an ultimate Turtles universe while adding enough twists and new elements to make it seem fresh. One of the best new additions to the mythos is Old Hob, an alley cat who was mutated in the accident that created the Turtles and Splinter. He started out in the series as dumb muscle, but as it went on, Old Hob has been revealed to be extremely sympathetic, clever, and bent on creating a mutant army. That brings us to this mini series, Mutanimals. When Pigeon Pete, one of their own, and Lindsay Baker, a scientist who is helping Hob with his mutant army, are kidnapped, it’s up to the Mutanimals to get them back. This comic marks the introduction of two characters, an underrated villain from the Archie…

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