Who I am…

I am vengeance! I am pure! I am the Unicorn!

I am called many names (most of which would make a sailor blush), but the one I chose for myself is Kirin, the Japanese Unicorn who punishes the wicked, and rewards the pure of heart. My never ending quest is to punish those who write awful stories and praise those who create epic tales of love, adventure, fantasy, and mystery.

Not really, but that would be awesome right?  I’m actually just an ordinary sixteen year old who loves books, comic books, and movies, and I want to share what what makes them great and in some cases, what makes them not so great. I analyze this so that other writers, including myself, don’t fall into the same traps.  So without further adieu…

Forgetting someone? Someone much funnier, mega awesomer, better looking and all around more amazing?

Oh, right. That’s Textbox, he attached himself to me like a little parasite and hasn’t shut up since. But pay him no mind, I certainly don’t, and let’s begin. Enjoy!

*any characters that show up and are not created by me are protected by fair use. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.


One response to “Who I am…

  1. Kai

    You guys are soooo weird I love you Catherine and Abby

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