Star Wars #1

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star wars variantby Jason Aaron & John Cassady

Before we begin, I have a confession to make. A terrible, awful, shameful confession. Ready? Okay, I have not seen the original Star Wars trilogy the whole way through. I’ve only seen the first movie. Don’t worry, before I started this review, I turned in my geek card at the Nerd Tribunal and the ghost of Gene Roddenberry has required me to say thirty Green Lantern Oaths as penance. Now that I’ve gotten that sordid confession out of the way, let’s talk about the issue at hand.

I didn’t go into this book completely blind though. I mean, who doesn’t know the main plot and characters? You’d have to be living under a rock. From the perspective of someone looking to get into the universe, Star Wars #1 is great. There’s plenty of action, impressive characterization’s, and an awesome ending. Even I know about Luke’s relationship with Darth Vader and seeing…

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Flash Appreciation Day – Please Sign the White House Petition

Nothing But Comics

Yesterday, the Nothing But Comics! team submitted a petition to the White House requesting that the President of the United States of America honor the DC Comics superhero character the Flash by declaring February 11, 2015 “Flash Appreciation Day”.

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Hey Everyone!!!

Hello, I’m a unicorn and you can now check me out at Nothing but Comics, where I’ll be doing a weekly column. Don’t worry, I’ll still write here but if you want some more consistency between posts (which I’ve been sorely lacking in the past few months), I’ll see you there!

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Harley Quinn Volume 1 Hot in the City

Hello, I’m a unicorn, and I’m still here. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I was working on a super secret project that I’ll probably be shamelessly shilling in the next few months. Speaking of shameless, let’s talk DC comics and why context is very important. A little over a year ago, I wrote a sarcastic congratulatory letter to DC for, in the span of a week, vetoing Batwoman’s marriage, causing the creative team to leave the comic, publishing a Villain’s Month issue where Harley Quinn commits an act of terror by giving children exploding video games on 9/11 and holding a contest for new artists where they have to draw a cartoonish Harley Quinn, naked in a bath tub, attempting suicide. Classy! All the atrocious things they did to Harley last year really put me off from this book. I’m sorry, but I have trouble sympathizing with a mass child murderer. Seriously DC, what was up with that? Is that a good way to promote a “chaotic and unabashedly fun” book?* There is a way to make anti heroes like Harley commit terrible acts and still be sympathetic. Randomly killing children is not one of those ways. When you have a character do something that horrible, there is no going back. Hey, do you remember how brutal Jason Todd’s death was and how the Joker had crossed the line? This is the line that Harley crossed. When you want to make a murderous anti hero sympathetic, you have to make the person that they’re killing even bigger monsters than themselves. You have to convince the reader that the enemy got what they deserved. Harley will always be the mass murderer of innocent children.

On a lighter(ish) note, what was up with that contest? In context, it was a decent joke, but what were they thinking?

Executive #1: Hey, we need a contest to find new artists.

Executive #2: How about we have them draw Harley Quinn attempting suicide? Get it? Because she was in Suicide Squad.

Executive #1: Genius! I cannot think of  a way that could possibly go wrong!

That’s the only possible explanation that makes sense. Honestly, with all those atrocities, I felt kind of dirty reading this. It’s a shame too, because, once I picked up the book, it was pretty good. It’s tons of  fun, with great artwork, and genuinely funny moments. In this volume, Harley Quinn is basically the female Deadpool, minus the fourth wall breaking. Harley is put into a ton of really zany situations such as, in no particular order, living in a literal freakshow, teaming up with an old superhero to fight geriatric supervillains, accidentally eating one of Poison Ivy’s love berries, getting chased all around Coney Island by a bunch of assassins after the bounty on her head, freeing all the animals in a shelter, and building a poop catapult. It’s really fun stuff and the artwork is gorgeous. My biggest problem with it, aside from everything I’ve just ranted about, is, in the scheme of things, a minor nitpick. I just do not care for her New 52 design. For comparison, here’s the old one:



And here’s the new one:

new 52


I just don’t really care for her new design. If they were trying to ramp up the sexy, then it worked, but that’s really the only way it works. I don’t know. It just doesn’t do anything for me. The old design was fine. Sure, it didn’t show much skin, but, in my humble opinion, it’s still pretty sexy. Other than that, I like the new Harley. She’s no longer a doormat that’s constantly beaten by the Joker.She’s gotten a boost in self confidence and has become a lot funnier and caring, but, after she killed so many people, I struggle to sympathize with her.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this one. Objectively speaking, the book is fantastic. It has great artwork, great action and a goofy plot. It’s funny, but, except for maybe one story, never goes too far, unlike that issue that shall not be named. I would say check it out, because, yes, we need more zany comedic characters like Harley, especially females. My problems with it are just personal issues. If I didn’t know about what she did, I would have loved this series, but I do. From what I’ve seen, these actions are never mentioned again. They made a needlessly dark story out of a light and fun character that pretty much ruined her for me. My advice would be to check it out and just pretend that Villain’s Month debacle never happened. It’s still a really good series.

*From IGN and the front cover of the book.

(Images own by DC Comics)


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They’re Back

We interrupt this review blog for a public fangirl announcement. Be afraid.

Thanks Textbox. Hello, I am a unicorn and I let the celebrations begin!!!!!!

kid dancinggiphy


You learned how to use gifs?

Yes, but that’s not why I’m celebrating. I’m celebrating because Nickelodeon did it! They finally did it! They’ll start showing Ninja Turtles 2003 on television again!


So!? SO!? That is great news! My favorite iteration of Ninja Turtles is finally getting some love again. I, time and again, have praised this show to high heaven and it’s finally back! This is the version I grew up on. I started watching it because it was cool. As I got older, I found that it still held up. It has some great animation, great story lines and great action. Sure, the jokes are hit and miss and the voice acting can be a bit spotty, but the show was awesome. And, after years of it seemingly swept under the rug, Nickelodeon is finally acknowledging its existence.  I mean, seriously? The show that shall not be named–

Next Mutation?

Yes, that one.  One of the worst versions of the Ninja Turtles got a wide DVD release while the show that has actual fans was pretty much ignored. Fans had to either fork over a few hundred dollars to complete their collection or use some less than savory method of watching this criminally underrated show. So, yes, more please, Nickelodeon. Please show more than just the first two seasons. Maybe you can even do a sequel to Turtles Forever. Wouldn’t that be awesome? But, in order to do that, the Turtles 2003 needs viewers, so dear readers of this little blog, I haven’t asked much of you before, but I’m asking you this now. Tune into the Nicktoons channel at eight o’clock on Monday the 22nd and every day afterwards or at least record it on your DVR. If you are a cartoon aficionado, you’ll probably like it. It has great animation, fight scenes and a huge mythos. If you are familiar with the Mirage comics, you’ll probably really like it. Most of the episodes are faithful adaptions of the original comics. If your only exposure is the eighties cartoon and the movies, expect it to be more like the movie, only darker. It will be jarring at first, but if you give it a chance, you might find that you like it. The show is definitely flawed, with some awkward, cheesy dialogue and  lame jokes, but when it’s at its best, Ninja Turtles 2003 is amazing. If this is successful, they might end up showing the later seasons, and, let me tell you if you thought the first two was epic  just wait. Seasons three and four had some of the biggest story lines and character arcs of the entire show. Many of my favorite episodes are in these seasons. And don’t even get me started on season five. That was just huge.

So, what are you waiting for, dear reader? Check which channel is showing Nicktoons on your TV and tune in on Monday at eight o’clock to see this fantastic show. You won’t be disappointed.

And now back to your regularly scheduled review blog.

(All gifs belong to their respective owners)


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Mockingjay Part One (Quick and Spoiler Free)

Hello, I’m a unicorn. Last year, I said that I was considering skipping the third installment in the Hunger Games series. Judging by the title of this review, it’s pretty obvious that I hadn’t, and I am so glad I saw it. This movie is fantastic, even surpassing the wonderful Catching Fire.

The movie takes place soon after the events of the second movie, with Katniss in Distract 13, dealing with the fallout of her home being destroyed and the capture of Peeta. The president of the district asks her to be the face of the revolution, and she agrees on the condition that all the captured tributes from the last movie are rescued and pardoned. Throughout the film, they try to figure out how she can best inspire the districts to keep fighting,

On paper, this movie sounds pretty boring, especially since there were only about two or three actions sequences but it’s really not. Jennifer Lawrence, as usual, is amazing in her role as Katniss. She’s incredibly believable and I was with her in every scene. This, combined with other great actors such as the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Josh Hutcherson,  and Donald Sutherland, makes the gritty drama just as compelling as the action sequences. The movie is two hours long, and I didn’t even notice. Mockingjay is one of those few movies that I feel was justified being split into two parts, because, unlike some movies *cough* Twilight Breaking Dawn *cough* there was enough plot and talent that it stayed interesting.To describe this movie in one word, it would be “gritty”. This movie is mainly about the horrors of war (you know, for kids) and propaganda. I, once again, have to give props to the director, Francis Lawrence. The scene where Katniss walks alone and silent through the ruins of her home was just chilling and made me feel legitimately uncomfortable.

One of the major themes of the movie was marketing and propaganda. They were trying to sell an icon to the rebels in order to rally them. One touch that I liked was using the same logos and slogans that was used in the commercials for the movie. I just thought it was a little amusing, and the irony was not lost on me that a movie relying heavily on marketing was heavily marketed.

Overall though, this movie was fantastic. while not as action packed as the others, the drama and acting still kept me from getting bored. Some people might be put off by the lack of action, but I wasn’t bothered by it. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now!


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Big Hero 6 (Quick and Spoiler Free)

Owned by Disney

Owned by Disney

Hello, I’m a unicorn. I want a Baymax. He’s so cute and fluffy and I just want to hug him and love him and–

What am I? Chopped Liver?

Sorry Textbox, but Baymax is just so adorable. Just like the rest of the movie, actually. Big Hero 6 is a fun, cute movie and that I’d recommend  to pretty much everyone. The characters are likable and memorable, with Baymax being the best character. The movie spent most of its time with Hiro, the protagonist, and Baymax the robot built by his older brother. They gave Hiro the main arc, focusing on him overcoming the loss of a loved one. The plot deconstructs the trope of death by origin story by showing how a loved one’s death can really affect the newly made superhero and every scene dealing with Hiro’s grief was poignant and fantastic.  The rest of the characters, while enjoyable were a bit one note. I would have like to see a bit more of the hilarious Aunt Cass, but I understand why they did it. It would be extremely difficult to give every single character an emotional arc. That would be just too much to juggle. The world of San Fransokyo is really cool. It was feasibly futuristic with a nice mix of Japanese and American culture and just really fun. That being said, the movie is a bit predictable. I could see every plot point coming from a mile away,but I enjoyed the ride enough that it didn’t matter. My biggest grievance is the ending. I won’t spoil it, but a character does “die” and it’s really sad, but–and this is a big but here–the death was totally preventable. This was the only time the predictability of the plot came back to bite the writers. A huge theme of the movie is looking at problems from another angle, and I kept expecting for them to see the obvious solution, but the plot said that the character had to do a heroic sacrifice, so he did. I thought it was a little frustrating, and that took away a little of the scene’s emotional torque for me.

Overall, though, the movie was great. I’m not familiar with the comics, so I can really compare the two. From what I understand, though, the comics are very different. Better? I don’t know, but as it stands, Big Hero 6 is a fun superhero movie and a worthy addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney cannon. It has likable characters, funny jokes, and tons of heart. If you have kids, or just enjoy fun animated movies, check it out, and be sure to stay for the end. There’s an awesome cameo. It is a Marvel movie after all. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now!

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